Adwick Cats Lodge

Adwick Cats Lodge

Terms and Conditions

No cat suffering from or suspected to be suffering from any infectious or contagious disease can be accepted. All cats will be examined on arrival but the proprietor reserves the right to refuse admission to any cat showing signs of ill health, pending advice from a Veterinary Surgeon.
An up to date vaccination certificate must be produced on arrival and retained by us during your pusscats stay.

Payment of boarding fees will usually be made on collection of your cat/s. Fees can only be paid in Cash or Cheque.

A full days board is charged for the day of arrival and departure to allow for the necessary disinfecting and preparation of the chalet.

In the event of owners coming in later or returning earlier, the full period for which the chalet is reserved will be charged.

If a booking is cancelled with less than 14 days notice a cancellation fee of £40 will be due. With 7 days notice or less, or non arrival, the Total boarding fee will be due.
At Christmas, New Year and Easter the minimum fee is equivalent to
5 days boarding. We have a £40 minimum fee.



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